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Movers & Packers for House, Residence & Office
Kuala Lumpur, Selangor & Malaysia

Mathewn: 017 6862 731

We have quality moving services which serves a wide range of moving, packing, dismantle & fixing, wrapping and moving heavy item or fragile item. Our well trained movers are ready for consultation and quote for moving service for residential, office, condos, apartment, factories, commercials premises and so on. 

Our major coverage areas are Kuala Lumpur, Klang Valley & Selangor. 

Abstract Water
1 Tonne Lorry Package

RM 280 to RM 350

RM 400

  • 1 Tonne Lorry With Driver

  • 2 Movers or Helpers

  • Limited to 30KM Distance

  • Driver Does Not Carry Any Item

  • Coverage Klang Valley Area

  • Add-On Wrapping

  • Add-On Dismantle or Fixing

  • Add-On Packing 

RM 400 to RM 500

  • 3 Tonne Lorry With Driver and 3 Helpers Or Movers

  • Limited to 30KM Distance

  • Coverage Klang Valley Area

  • Add-On Wrapping

  • Add-On Dismantle or Fixing

  • Add-On Packing

RM 550 to RM 700

  • 5 Tonne Tailgate Lorry With

  • Driver & 3 Helpers Or Movers

  • Limited to 30KM Distance

  • Coverage Klang Valley Area

  • Add-On Wrapping

  • Add-On Dismantle or Fixing

  • Add-On Packing

Services & Packages

Service & Packages
Delivery Men

About Us


We At Rajan Movers Offer A Range of Moving Services For The Domestic and Outstation Areas. 

We Are Trained and Experienced Moving Contractors for all kind of sectors and premises such Landed property, High-rise Buildings, Industrial Moving, Offices, Shops, Warehouse, Factories And Even Moving Safe Boxes or Piano.

We Offer Complete Packing Sevices, Shrink Wrapping, Bubble Wrapping, Dismantle & Fixing Furnitures, Dispose Old Furnitures, Handling Fragile Items and Load-Moved & Unload Again At Destination Safely & Securely.

You Can Trust Us For Reliability, Safety & Affordability In Our Transportation Services.

Call Us For A Free Inspection & Quote. 

We Assure Reliability & Affordable Prices.

We Can Be Reached At Mobile Number

6017 6862 731  (Mathew)


Moving & Add-on Service

Planning A Moving Can Be A Difficult & Daunting Task Especially When It Involves Many & Large Sensitive Items That Require Careful Handling. 


Small Lorry Package

  • 1 Tonne Lorry With Driver

  • 2 Helpers

  • Limited to 30KM Distance

  • Driver Does Not Carry Any Item

  • Coverage Klang Valley Area

  • Add-on wrapping

  • Add-on Dismantle or fixing

  • Add-on Packing

Wrapping Services & Quality Boxes Are Provided At Request Of  Clients.

Moving Truck

Commercial & Industrial Moving Package 

  • We Can Also Provide Large Lorries Weighing Up to 5 Tonnes If The Need Arises & Requested By Clients.

  • Our Fees/Rates Are Competitive, Reasonable & Affordable, Tailored To Suit Your Budget.

  • You Decide If You Wish To Take Up Our Quotation. No Obligations On Your Part.

  • We Offer To Serve You With Our Secure, Professional & Reliable Moving, Relocation &  Transportation Services At All Times. 


Call Us Now, We Offer Prompt Free Site Visit & Quotation For Your Transportation Needs.


3 Tonne Lorry Package

  • 3 Tonne Lorry With Driver and 3 Movers

  • Driver Does Not Carry Any Item

  • Including Wrapping (Limited)

  • Including Dismantling & Fixing (Limited)

  • Limited To 30 KM Distance

  • Coverage Of Klang Valley Area


Domestic, Commercial & Industrial Involving Homes, Apartments, Condominiums, Offices, Shops, Warehouses, Factories & etc..

Moving House

Disassemble & Reassemble Of Furniture & Fittings

  • We Understand That Planning A Moving & Relocation Can Be A Daunting & Difficult Task. 

  • We Are Well-trained Movers To Help You To Ease Your Moving Task

  • We Offer To Serve You With Our Secure, Professional & Reliable Moving, Relocation &  Transportation Services At All Times


Our Team Will Survey The Site, Discuss & Plan The Transportation Details With Clients Before Safely & Securely Loading, Transporting & Unloading At Destination.

Movers Working

5 Tonne Lorry Package

  • 5 Tonne Lorry With Driver & 3 Helpers

  • Driver Does Not Carry Any Item

  • Including Wrapping & Packing (Limited)

  • Dismantling & Fixing (Limited)

  • Limited To 30 KM Distance 

  • Coverage Of Klang Valley Area


5 Tonne & Above Lorries For Big Transportation Projects Of Large Items, Machines & Equipments Can Be Arranged At Clients Needs.

Mover Packing

Wrapping Services & Boxes 

  • Providing Reliable, Secure & Safe Transportation Services To All Sectors.

  • Moving & Relocation Services Cover Domestic (Homes, Apartments, Condominiums), Commercial (Offices, Shops) & Industrial Needs (Warehouses, Factories) Including Disposal Services, Shrink Wrap, Bubble Wrap, Handling Highly Fragile Item, Piano Moving, Safe Box Moving and so on. 


This Is Where You Can Rely On Our Experience & Expertise To Handle All Items, Fragile, Small, Sensitive & Large To Be Handled, Wrapped, Packed, Loaded, Moved & Unloaded Again At Destination Safely & Securely.

Add On Service
About Us



Call or Message us 

Call or Message us for your preferred Moving Package. Our Sales Representative will reply to arrange for a site visit and gather more details about your moving and transportation needs such as pick up and delivery address, moving date and for other add~on jobs, e.g. Boxes, extra Bubble Wrap or Shrink Wrap, extra furnitures and fittings dismantling and re~fixings.



Free quote and site visit

Our Moving Team Leader will conduct a Site Visit to discuss all issues pertaining to the Moving Schedule, get the necessary approvals or permits from the Management. The Team Leader will also give alternative suggestions or ways to move and transport fragile or heavy items such as Aquariums, Safe Boxes, Pianos, Glass Table Tops and for other breakable items.



Packing & Moving

Upon acceptance of Quotation Offer by Client and Receipt of Payment by us, including all approvals and permits granted to us by the Management of the Premises (where applicable), our team of movers will arrive on time to start wrapping, box packing, dismantling, loading of items and perform the Moving/Transportation. We may perform the works of wrapping, box packing and dismantling a day earlier (if discussed and agreed with clients earlier during planning) so as to ensure a smooth completion of moving and transporting on the actual day to fulfill according to clients schedule and timetable.

3 Easy Steps Of Moving


What We Do

We Bring All The Tools & Packing Material

If you don’t have the right tools, don’t worry! We come equipped with a full range of manual tools: Wrappers, Boxes, Bubble Wrap, Wrench Sets, Drills and Trolley.

Each Tools Are Up To Standard 

You deserve a trustworthy, efficient and polite professional to visit you every time you book a service. That's why we evaluate each tradesman’s performance based on customer feedback to guarantee a service of real value to you.

7 days-a-week availability

You are busy and time-limited, that's why we are flexible in terms of appointment time. You can schedule your service on weekdays, evenings, Saturdays, Sundays, and even public holidays.

Simple online quote

Save the time and hassle of requesting a tradesman service on the phone. Use our online booking form, live chat, or email.  Your online booking is a few clicks away.

Fully trained movers for your home and office

No matter whether it comes to residential or commercial properties, they will be in safe hands with Well-trained Handyman.

Covering every part of Kuala Lumpurs, Klang Valley, Seremban and beyond

We are constantly improving and expanding to meet your home and office maintenance needs efficiently. Actually, we've already widened our coverage and now deliver fantastic moving services in Kuala Lumpur, Klang Valley, Seremban and more.

Why People Choosing Us



We strive to be a company that you can rely on. Thats why we arrive at the agreed time all the time and well equipped for the job at hand. Doing so means we can always stick to time lines and the initial quotations we give.



The materials we use are of the highest quality as we hand pick them using only the most reputable suppliers and brand. These small touches mean a far superior finish that can stand the test of time.



A large percentage of our customers recommend us to their friends and family due to our excellent levels of customer service and quality of our workmanship. Many even return to us for other Electrical work in the future.

Excellent and Quality work done, Excellent in time management! Hard to find nowdays!


Very trustworthy, lovely lads and very happy with the work.


Mrs Lily

Excelent in time keeping! Workmanship is good and fast in completing the work. 

Will rehire in any other work. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. No headache, stress free and understand what you need.

Ahmad Farhan Jamil Al-Azzikri


They were great, I couldn't speak any higher of them. They were just delightful. I wold recommend to anyone.

Kanna, Petaling Jaya

Reliable and they get the job done!

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