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A Centralised AI Smart Life System

You House Is Magnificent, But Controls Are Messy. You Need A Centralised Control System

Feel spectacular living in a home that can warm up before you get there or have a different temperature in every room. One that can light up one room and set a romantic atmosphere or disco lights in another, welcoming sound effects, motivating musics. How about optimising your plugs, sockets and large appliances so you save on your energy bills whilst also keeping your home safe and secure with intelligent smoke or intruder alarms and high resolution security camera or CCTV.

Well that is a smart home and the technology is already here!

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Home & Residential

Imagine, all the devices at home connected to internet and under your control. Yeah! That awesome. Everything such as, clock, speakers, lights, door bell, cameras, windows, windows blind & curtain, water heater, appliances, entrance gate and door locks, and everything. Those devices could all comunicate, send information and take tyour commands.  Thats awesome isn't it. Call us now and our consultant is ready to assist you.

Contact us today for exciting deals.

Office & Classroom

Home automation is exactly like the ability to control items around house. It would be extraordinary if the automation system gives you control to office appliances. You can unlock and lock your office, turn air conditioners  on before you enter, prepare same hot drinks or warm water at pantry, roll up windows blinds, turn your computers on and most important is trigger your surveillance cameras. Want to know more, contact us now. We able to provide all type of automation devices, variety of brand for best and cheap price.

City & Community

We have a extra mileage of an advantage when its comes to implementing Smart City & Community Technology.  Our engineers and developer experience make it easier to implement networks and application in a shorter space of time. Our application together with the devices, gives user more convenient  and best solution for host to monitor some activities in their area. Such as people movements, applications, payments and so on.  Learn more about our Smart City Products. Contact us now.

How does it work?
Smart Home | IoT Technology | Artificial Intelligence | Augmented Reality

With hundreds of different products, dozens of different brands and 5 separate categories it can all get a little confusing. There is plenty of jargon out there but essentially most of these products work in just a few different ways, we explain here.

With an Our Smart Home package, we give you the flexibility to decide which equipment you’d like to include, based on your individual requirements. Call Us Now
Over 10 Years Experienced
Smart Home | IoT Technology | Artificial Intelligence | Augmented Reality

We involved with a lot of initiatives, from developing digital application to increase connectivity to better use of technologies. We have collaborated with a number of companies and individuals, from smaller projects to large scale of projects since established. 


Smart solutions are at the core of all that we do at SLP Global. Our main goal is finding smart ways of using technology that will help build a better tomorrow for everyone, everywhere. Click below to learn more about the technology behind our Smart Life, or get in touch to set up a meeting with one of our representatives.

Smart Temperature

Make your home as comfortable as possible. Never wait for the shower to warm up, or come back to a cold house. With Smart heating, you can control your heating and your hot water from your phone wherever you are! You can create schedules to fit around any lifestyle whilst keeping your energy bills low.

Smart Lighting

Change the look and feel of your house at the push of a button. From turning lights on and off, to creating a romantic ambiance, setting up disco lights or even having your lights react to your mobile notifications. Smart tech lighting will transform your life at home.

Smart Power

Gain control of your energy usage! Monitor, control and modify your power settings to makes sure you’re not wasting energy and money. Turn appliances on and off from anywhere. Set schedules while you’re away so your lights come on and make you house occupied.

Smart Security

Keep your home and your family safe. Smart security brands allow you to monitor all visitors coming and going from your property. You can set up alerts for open windows and doors, or have you doorbell show you who is outside wherever you are.

Contact us today for exciting deals.

Smart Safety

Be Smart, be safe! A new generation of Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors aim to keep you safe. They are also smart enough to recognise real danger from burnt toast. Controllable away from home, on your phone.Contact us today for exciting deals.

Home Decor
Why Choose Us
24/7 Fast & Reliable Service

Our senior technician is ready anytime for emergency service and troubleshoot. We also ready with spare parts or replacement devices.

Free Site Visit & Consultation

We are ready for site visit and consultation with free of charge. We guide you to construct your smart home with very reasonable cost and efficient services.

Good After Sales Service

We always committed to serve you with best and professional services. We will ready to serve you with any enquiries or guidance for devices or system malfunctions or warranty or even train you for handling.

Low Cost & Professional Service

Our uniqueness is low cost services with highly trained technicians and professional engineers to provide you best and efficient services. We promise best smart home experience.


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